Deca is?

Deciji Edukativni Centar Alfa, a place where through the game we harmoniously develop all kinds of intellects and necessary life habits of children.
We encourage a child's natural desire to know the world. Children grow up happy, learn to think freely, develop confidence and communicate with the environment.
We help children identify as independent personalities.

Our values?

Acceptance of individuality...

We learn to carefully embrace our and other people's individuality and find our place in the world around us.

We help parents learn more about the development and upbringing of children, understand their character, discover talents and support natural curiosity.

At our center are people who have found their purpose. We love our jobs, we develop with interest and change the world to better.

  • Alfa generation-children born after 2010th

More about our method of work...

Osnivač i većina zaposlenih u našem timu su diplomirani psiholozi sa dugogodišnjim iskustvom u radu sa decom. Naš program rada je zasnovan na metodama domaćih i inostranih stručnjaka iz oblasti neuropsihologije i pedagogije (Montessory …)

Our program includes...

Scientist and psychologist Tom Buzan, author of memory methods and opinion organizing, described 10 types of intellect. In class, we develop each of them:

  • Physically : at the same time we develop both physically and mentally (in a healthy body-healthy spirit)
  • Creative. It helps the child to get out of the established frames, think differently, see the world around him more easily from different sides.
  • Personal. Every man has to become his own best friend.
  • Social. We learn to play and enjoy communicating with the people around us.
  • Spiritual. We accept ourselves as an integral part of the world.
  • Intrapersonal - develops senses of smell, hearing, sight, taste...intuition.
  • Empathy – children need a sense of proximity to family and friends as well as the way they show feelings and love.
  • Numeric. The ability to manage numbers from elementary to higher mathematics.
  • Spatial. Understanding the place and connection of objects in space.
  • Verbal. Skill, clearly and figuratively expressing your thoughts, reading and making up your stories.

Basics of intellect:

At 8 months, a child's brain has about 100 trillion nerve cells, and at 10, their number is shortened twice. A man's brain operates on the "use or lose" principle. And it releases unused nerve cells and neural connections.

Until 6th year, the brain has the easiest to receive new information and thus lays the foundation of intelligence. This was written many years ago by Masaru Ibuka, author of a theory that changed understanding about the upbringing of a child at an early age. His book "After 3rd Is Too Late" gained global popularity and inspired many to work with children.

Naš centar takođe u svojoj ponudi ima porodično psihološko savetovalište.

Access to classes...

In “DECA” we carefully develop all kinds of intelligence: social, personal, spatial, verbal, digital, spiritual, creative, sensory, physical. For each age, we choose these activities that help complex and harmonious development.
At our center we have general education classes that everyone loves, but in addition we propose a wide range of supplementary services.
DECA- entertainers 3-7 years (full day)
Development of communicative skills of children. Our classes - these are interesting and creative "journeys" of youngsters through the world of mathematics, reading and writing, speech development, geography and history, physical culture , drawing, music, stories, Serbian, Russian and English language.